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jensen can look at himself naked any time he wants to

what an asshole

Yes, I’m sure that’s exactly what he thinks to himself

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Illustrator & Artist:

Graf n’Arq

"A Bigger Place"


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Sunset Clouds no. 2 by Faith Te (x)

Sunset Clouds no. 2 by Faith Te (x)

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"Love You" Black Love Illustration Series for my book (which is due tomorrow -_______-)

Jamilla Okubo

May 2014

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"Way to the Moon"
Contribute to the “RE: THE FUTURE” collab HERE!
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Award-winning artist Katharine Morling creates whimsical and often outlandish sculpture from porcelain and ceramics. Instead of simply making the pieces and leaving them in their ceramic form, the added touch of black in certain spots creates an illusive effect, making the everyday objects look like drawings in real life.

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